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Lost 11 kilo’s with 12-week transformation and is currently doing a maintenance program with us

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Cheryl has been my nutritional coach since January 2019 and I am delighted with her. I have been struggling with my weight for years, especially after giving birth. Each and every diet resulted in weight loss, but soon after I would gain it all again. I was getting pretty sick of all these different diets and dieticians and was losing all hope of actually meeting my own weight targets.

This was until I met Cheryl. She told me it was not impossible and not easy, but that my weight goals could be achieved. What she taught me is that following a diet would never lead to the results I was looking for. What I needed to do is change my lifestyle, and not a quick diet. 

After speaking to her about my habits, she surprisingly did not tell me to completely change my way of eating. She explained that I could combine carbohydrates with proteins (which again surprised me) but that I needed to choose my carbs wisely, thus not feeling any hunger.

Cheryl also emphasized the need of sports and obviously cut as much sugars as possible out of my diet.

It has been a radical change for me Cheryl always has been able to take me out of my low moments with good advice and tips and she has made me realize that one has to be willing to fight and upbeat all the time.

I could always call or write to her when I felt frustrated or unmotivated and she would take her time to listen to me and reply surprising answers that have made me realize that what I am doing is not a diet but a change of lifestyle. One where I change my day to day habits, but still am able to fully enjoy dinners with friends.

To me, the big difference between Cheryl and everything else is that she is really motivating. She stands by my side and is strict when needed. She has never made me feel too embarrassed or shy to tell her when things weren't going well.

Now I am in my maintenance phase, where she is again teaching me new things. I would whole heartedly recommend working with her. Follow her advice and let her lead you to your goals, there is no doubt you will achieve them with her.”


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Miguel Angel R.


Age: 39

Lost 12 kilos in 12 weeks

Martha d.


Age: 44 

Lost 12 kilos in 12 weeks


john m.


Age: 44

Lost 15 kilos in 6 months

georgina p.


Age: 43

Lost 7,5 kilos in 12 weeks


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