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The 3 secrets to success in losing weight and keeping it off.

You are successful in work and life, you have discovered everything, but why can’t you leave behind your unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits and say goodbye to your “plus” 10 kilos?

In today’s blog post we will explain, through examples and simple (not easy) steps, how you can master that part of your life and become your best version. We will expain why you should plan, monitor and be accountable.

Implement these healthy habits now; you have never been closer to your ideal weight.

  1. Plan.

Are you like Juan? He plans every single thing in his life… Juan is a successful businessman, 42 years old with a busy executive job, a trophy wife, two small adorable kids and a healthy BMI. He starts the year with a plan, what are the objectives of 2019, what needs to be done and how he is going to do it. He knows his objectives very well, he writes them, re-writes them, reads them and re-reads them. Juan writes a daily “to-do” list before he goes to bed and he reads over it when he wakes up. He has got his eyes on the ball. Nothing will keep him off his objectives. Everything he got in life, he planned for, so why not follow his example?

Plan your weight loss. Make a detailed plan of how you are going to do it, write it, read it and stick to it. We are talking about planning your daily activities. Plan your meals, plan your exercise routines and plan your “happy thoughts” moments. Planning is the key to success; all businesses know this and include it in their strategy. Even Benjamin Franklin recognized the importance of planning: “By not preparing, you are preparing to fail”.

  1. Monitor.

Jim saw it clearly. He wanted to look great in his wedding pictures for his 2ndtime wedding. He was going to marry a 14-year younger beauty, and he didn’t want to play the “beast” on his wedding day.  Six months before his wedding, Jim committed to send his weekly progress pictures to his weight coach so they would jointly check on his weight, body fat, BMI and visceral fat.  His weekly monitoring helped him adjust to his plans and kept him motivated. Together with his coach, Jim evaluated his weekly results and celebrated every small victory.

Check your status every week. Your plan should include your objectives. Make these SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) and make sure you measure results and actions for every week. Knowing you’re making progress will help you to increase your efforts and the chances of achieving your overall objective.

Make sure to celebrate your weekly progress after you have monitored it, even if you (like Jim) just briefly smile when thinking that you will absolutely smash that new outfit on your wedding day with your healthier body.

  1. Be accountable.

Peter likes to exercise in exclusive groups where you have to check-in, you reserve a spot and you can’t bail out without being “punished”. If you miss a session, you may get a serious warning; if you miss two, you won’t be allowed to come for a whole week. You plan to do something, and you DO IT; make sure you have a system in place that holds you accountable for your actions. This may sound scary but currently the gym and workout places are actually a safe place for Peter. He needs to make sure he is not sabotaging himself during this important period of his transformation.

Being accountable means doing everything within your power to reach to the best of your abilities. Being accountable entails controlling only those things you can control; preparation, attitude, exercise, effort and focus.

In short being accountable requires looking within yourself and deciding how to best prepare, monitor and, therefore, how to make your project successful. You can also choose to contract a health coach, someone who can help you to implement the changes you want to see to vanish off your +10. Your personal health consultant will help you to plan, monitor and stay accountable.

What are you waiting for?